Are you looking for new or used ATMs for sale or rental in New York/New Jersey? If so, Action Game & Music Vending can provide your business with several desirable ATM options.

The Benefits of Having an ATM in Your Business

There are many reasons to consider installing an ATM in your business. For starters, ATMs can help you increase sales and profits since customers do not need to leave your business to obtain cash. Despite what some may say, cash is still king, at least for businesses, since most have to pay merchant fees when customers use a card (not to mention taxes). However, advantageously, if customers are able to use cash, it will reduce the amount of times they pay with a card.

Another benefit of adding an ATM to your business includes an increase in foot traffic, especially if you have signage on the exterior or interior letting people know you have one.

Lastly, businesses benefit by receiving the surcharge from the ATM transaction fee. It’s really quite simple—why let another ATM and business earn that money when it could be going to you?

New and Used ATMs in New York and New Jersey

Action Game & Music Vending provides individuals and businesses with a wide range of products to enhance their business and bottom line, including games, jukeboxes, pool tables and, the aforementioned ATMs.

For more information or to buy or rent new and used ATM machines in New York/New Jersey, contact us today.